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Frequently asked questions

Who is Curling des Collines?

Curling des Collines is a not for profit organization with approximately 90 curlers who started curling in 2005 in one of MRC des Collines’ hockey arena. In 2014, we moved from the arena (due to poor ice conditions) and are currently playing in an Ottawa curling rink.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to promote the sport of curling by providing easier access for people of all ages in our region. Curling is a sport for life, you can start at age seven and play well into your eighties. We will be developing programs for people with physical and mental challenges. We plan to enter into partnerships with local school boards (sports studies program?).

Why are you building a curling centre?

In 2011, we conducted a study and realised that there were a lot of people in our area who did not curl because of the lack of proper facilities. Presently in the Outaouais region, there is a 2-sheet curling rink in Buckingham. There is also a 3-sheet rink in Shawville and a 2-sheet rink in Maniwaki. Many curlers who are Outaouais residents, must travel to Ottawa where there are over eighty sheets of curling. Based on national statistics, the Outaouais could probably support 24 to 30 sheets.

Where will the curling centre be built?

The 4-sheet Curling Centre will be built in Chelsea on the Old Chelsea Road next to the municipal offices. The privately owned land will be purchased by our organization.

Where will the money come from?

The Province of Quebec, through a program that helps with the costs of sport infrastructures (arena, soccer, baseball etc.), has approved our request for a grant. Such a grant, spread over a 10 year period, needs to be guaranteed by a financial institution. We therefore had to negotiate a loan as well as a mortgage. We also plan to raise an amount through various fundraising activities involving local curlers and businesses.

How many employees will you have?

Our plan is to have a manager, two or more employees in food and beverages, an ice preparation person, and a cleaner. All the positions will be seasonal, and some will be part-time. In the first year or two we will probably use a lot of volunteers for these jobs so that we can put some money aside in a reserve fund.

What benefits will the province receive?

In the short term, the province will see increased revenues resulting from construction jobs.

For the long term, it will see increased revenues as a result of new employment. It will also see an increase in sales tax revenues, estimated at $45,000 p.a., which are currently going to Ontario. There are over four hundred Quebecers who currently play in Ottawa due to the lack of curling facilities in the Outaouais. We believe that we will be able to repatriate at least three hundred of these curlers. You can add to this revenues from expenditures made by Ontarians who will visit our facility.

The province will also benefit from having more active, happier, healthier residents.

Will the municipality of Chelsea be contributing to the cost of the construction of this facility?


This was an important item when we approached the municipality of Chelsea. We assured them that there would be no cost to the municipality.

Will the municipality see any benefits from this facility?


Local businesses will benefit from the increase in visitors to the area, especially on weekends when we have funspiels and bonspiels.

There are other benefits as well, for example:
The facility’s ice-making equipment generates enough thermal energy to heat up to forty homes. We will offer this energy to the municipality for heating the municipal buildings and the fire station. The municipality will have to install the necessary equipment to collect and transfer this energy to its buildings. The municipality should conduct a cost/benefit study to determine if this is feasible.

The municipality is also in need of additional employee parking. We will have an agreement in place to allow the employees to use some of our parking spaces. They may also be in need of space for staff meetings, which we may be able to accommodate.

Will the facility be hooked up to the new water and sewer system?

Yes. Based on estimated water usage, the Centre will pay an amount equivalent to eight residences. This should result in a lower cost to other residents for the sewer and water infrastructure.

Will the facility pay municipal taxes?

Curling rinks, like many other sports facilities, can apply to the Quebec government for an exemption of certain property taxes (i.e. general municipal tax, school tax). If the exemption is granted, we will be able to offer much lower membership rates to children and students who participate in the little rocks programs and in the junior leagues.

How many people will be using the facility?

Our business plan is based on a membership of 400 curlers. Similar sized clubs in Ottawa have between 400 and 550 members. Our plan also includes a number of ice rental hours, for groups (i.e. corporate, professional associations, etc.) who want to form their own league. The Centre will be available for private curling parties.

The facility can accommodate up to 32 people per 8 end draw (up to 192 people per day) and will operate from September to April.

Who will use the curling facility?

We will be organizing various leagues to meet your needs. For example, we will have leagues for:

Little rocks; juniors (students); men’s, women’s, mixed leagues for different age groups; competitive leagues. We will have instructors for those who wish to improve their curling skills.

Based on Curling Quebec statistics:
As a # of players each week (excl. weekends)
9% will be in the 7 to 17 age group
36% will be in the 18 to 34 age group
40% will be in the 35 to 64 age group
15% will be 65 and older

What about weekends?

The Centre will be available for little rocks programs, ice rentals, funspiels and bonspiels.
The ice will be available on weekends for rental by corporations, groups and families for special events.

Funspiels are basically fund-raising activities for local charities. Our plans are to organize two funspiels each year. These could be for the Wakefield Hospital, la Maison des Collines, or any other organization that a group wants to raise money for. We will ask the municipality to keep us apprised of which organizations are in need of assistance with fundraising.
Bonspiels are curling competitions that would attract curlers from our area as well as from other municipalities.

If I want to play in a funspiel, do I need to buy equipment?

No, the curling rink will have a supply of brooms and sliders. However, if you plan on curling on a regular basis, we would recommend that you buy a pair of curling shoes.

Will the facility be used year round?

Our curling season will run from September to April. We have no plans currently for other uses during the off-season. Our building includes a 9,000 sq. ft. arena with a cement floor. This facility could be used for things like a home and garden show or other events. The facility will have over 60 parking spaces.

Who do I contact if I would like to curl in the new centre?

You can send an email to