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Igloo Program

Programs for kids:

Igloo 1 – Introduction: 6 to 12 years of age

The Igloo Program is an introduction to curling aimed at promoting sport and physical activity for young people in elementary schools. It is geared towards the recreational and non-competitive sectors. The goal is to publicise, introduce and share curling with as many kids as possible.

Focused on the great values and fun of participating in sports, this turn-key program runs for eight weeks with one 90-minute session per week. With the help of instructors, participants will progressively learn the basic curling concepts and techniques in a fun and safe environment.

Igloo 2

The Igloo 2 Program is intended for kids 6 to 12 years of age having completed the Igloo 1 – Introduction. Designed under the same criteria, Igloo 2 also runs for eight weeks, with a 90-minute session per week, offering children the opportunity to continue learning in a recreational context.

With the help of instructors, they will continue to learn curling concepts and techniques, while progressively integrating basic strategies, all within a fun and safe environment.

Igloo 2 can serve as a stepping stone for kids wanting to pursue curling on a more competitive level.

Person in charge: Émilie Turgeon
E-mail: [email protected]