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RCMP Curling Centre

  • Cafeteria: There is no cafeteria service but the bar is open. You can bring your lunch or order delivery on site.
  • Speed of play: As there is no downtime between games, the play must proceed at a good pace to allow for eight ends. There will be a buzzer at 25 minutes before the end of the game. You can decide amongst yourselves if can complete all eight ends, keeping in mind that it takes approximately 15 minutes to play one end.
  • Equipment: Sliders, brooms and delivery sticks will be available at this centre.
  • Address for the RCMP Curling Centre: 115 St-Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, Ont.

Curling terms

Curling Canada has produced a glossary of curling terms, with its' definition, that are used throughout the curling world. You can consult these terms by clicking on the following glossary.

Curling des Collines minutes

NOTE: All minutes taken in the meetings held by Curling des Collines were written in french. For the english translation of a certain item, please write to us at

Annual general meetings

September 6, 2017
April 6, 2016

Extraordinary meetings

March 29, 2017
September 7, 2016

Curling des Collines bylaws

Based on the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, we ave drafted bylaws for the Curling des Collines organization. You can refer to them in this document.

The General Rules of Curling

To view the general rules of curling as published by the Canadian Curling Association, click here.

Guide to Curling

Here is a short video entitled «Two Minute Guide to the Sport of Curling»:

How a curling rock is made

There is a video on the "Curling Lovers" Facebook page which demonstrates how a curling rock is made. Here is the video:

Crests with the "Curling des Collines" logo

We ordered some crests which bear the "Curling des Collines" logo. The crest size is approximately 4.25 inches x 3.5 inches and is large enough to replace the former logo. If you would like to have one or more, please confirm your order with Mike Duern.