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Leagues and schedule

Leagues for members

Depending on the league, teams can be either fixed or drawn by the convenor of the league. A fixed team is one where two, three or four curlers decide to curl together. Fixed teams are accepted in the Men’s League, Ladies' League, Open Intermediate League, Open Cash League and Mixed Intermediate League. If a team is not full, the convenor will assist in finding the remaining player(s) required.

  • Open Cash League offers men and women a higher caliber of competitive play. Extra fees apply in addition to regular membership fees.
  • Open Intermediate League offers men and women competitive curling.
  • Intermediate Mixed League offers competitive curling for teams comprised of two men and two women, with the throwers alternating in gender.
  • Social Mixed League offers recreational (non-competitive) curling to men and women.
  • Ladies' League.
  • Men’s League.
  • Mixed Double League is offered to teams comprised of one man and one woman.
  • Sturling League is offered to teams comprised of two players.

The rules of each league will be established with the convenor of each league.

You can view the annual fees listed on the membership information page.

Benefits for members

The Curling des Collines members have many benefits compared to the Rental Leagues and the public demands. You can view these benefits by clicking on this document.

Rental Leagues

The new center will be offering several slots in the timetable for ice rental to companies and to groups of persons wanting to set up their own leagues or wanting to rent occasionally.


The proposed schedule and various leagues will depend on the number of registrations as well as registrants’ time slot preferences in the timetable. For these reasons, several leagues are offered at different times to align with members’ preferences.

The schedule should also reflect the various training programs that will be offered such as:

  • Curling 101 (adults);
  • Junior (age 13 to 20)
  • Igloo 1 and 2 (age 6 to 12).

You can view the schedule we have prepared.