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Membership information

If you're interested in curling in our new curling center, please provide us with your information by completing the Information form below. We will then include you on our mailing list for any pertinent messages you may be concerned with.

NOTE:  Please fill out a separate form for each member of your household who will be curling. To help you fill it out, refer to the details on membership fees and other details indicated after the form below.

You can fill out only one electronic form on each device (e.g., computer, iPad, iPhone). If a household member does not have access to another device to fill it out electronically, he (she) can download and fill out the paper form.

Information form

Refer to a summary of those who have filled out the form

Annual membership fees (including taxes and Curling Québec association fees)

The following are estimated fees for various levels of play. Please note that these are estimates and are subject to change. Our estimates are based on an average of 385 members at an average membership fee of $410 and a $1.5 million dollar mortgage. Changes to these amounts could affect membership fees. The center will be opened from mid-September to mid-April (29 weeks).

Little Rocks $100
Juniors $155
Adults $370 - one game per week ($14.23 per game based on 26 weeks)
  $543 - two games per week ($10.44 per game based on 26 weeks)
  $715 - three or more games per week
Sturling $275 - one game per week (2 against 2 & a game lasts one hour)
Supporting member $35 (non-playing member, access to facility including hall reservations)
Associate $155 (non resident of Québec who wants to compete in provincial tournaments)
Non member spare $15 per game (maximum of 6 games per season)

Association leagues

Costs will vary depending upon availability of ice time, time of day, number of weeks, number of sheets etc. with an expectation of a price between $13 and $15 per player per game.

Fundraising activities

The project qualifies for a government grant and a mortgage. The centre needs to raise a minimum of $550,000 and has set goals of $250,000 through member fundraising activities and $300,000 from corporate sponsors.  Membership fundraising activities will include golf tournaments, funspiels, donations, names on rocks, etc.


In the first (and possibly second) year of operation we will need to use volunteers to help us out with some of the duties (i.e. cleaning, ice preparation, food/beverage services, etc.) so that we can build up a reserve fund before we hire all the staff.